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A Blether with Peter A Bell

Julia Jaurie, convenor of Edinburgh & Lothians P4Indy group, writes:

In our recent online meeting well known blogger, Peter A Bell, was kind enough to join us for a blether. Peter’s blog is called ‘I have Questions’ and he has a Facebook page White Rose Rising. Peter prefers to have an interactive Q&A with his audience, rather than talk, so he gave a brief introduction of the current political situation in Scotland, then off we went!

Within minutes we were inundated with points and questions of concern to our members:

  • should the S30 process be dumped? why give Westminster control over what should be our Referendum, well and truly made in Scotland.
  • will there even be a Scottish election next year? or might it be postponed?
  • is the SNP prepared for an election or a referendum?
  • how should we shape the referendum campaign? Peter thinks that we should reframe the issue so that we campaign against the Union rather than for Independence. In 2014 there was no scrutiny of the Union. Instead of us justifying Independence, let Unionists justify the the Union
  • Scottish Government needs to show no hesitation of weakness in negotiations with Westminster .

I really hope you enjoyed listening to our blether as much as we did taking part, and Peter will possibly come back and chat with us again in December, and then March 2021, as so much changes, and we all love a blether!

Finally, this is Peter’s Manifesto for Independence:

  • Renounce Section 30 process
  • Assert competence of Scottish Parliament in constitutional matters
  • Recall MPs to join with MSPs in a National Convention
  • Propose dissolution of Union subject to referendum
  • Call referendum entirely made and managed in Scotland
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So what do you think? We’d love it if you leave a comment here on the post.

Cliff Purvis: A UK Forces Veteran for Indy

Cliff Purvis served in British Army for many years and saw active service in war zones all over the world, sometimes as part of UN Operations. He helps runs the Scottish Veteran for Independence 2.0 Group. And he speaks to Yes Groups all over Scotland.

Here he talks to our Edinburgh Group about what he knows of the support for independence amongst both veterans and those who are still member of the UK Forces.

He also answers questions on topics like:

  • what will a Scottish Defence Force look like?
  • do we even need a defence force? Iceland doesn’t have one.
  • has the Scottish Government ever asked him for his views?
  • do we need submarines?
  • how long would it take to rid Scotland of nuclear arms?
  • What about NATO?
  • do many current Armed Forces members support independence?
  • you hear stories about veterans ending up homeless and on the streets. How would he like to see veterans treats in an independent Scotland?

UK Internal Market Bill – Implications for Scotland

This week Edinburgh P4Indy invited Heather Anderson to talk to them about the controversial Bill currently going through Westminster – the UK Internal Market Bill. After the meeting, their our oldest campaigner, Olive, commented “I thoroughly enjoyed your talk, but it has frightened me to death!”. We all felt the same!

Heather was involved with Farmers for Yes and continues to have an active interest in rural economy regeneration, and meeting environmental targets. She is an organic farmer at Whitmuir Organic Farm near West Linton.

Her talks are witty & interesting. In this recording she is talking about what the Internal Market Bill really means for the future of agriculture. The effects it will have on our standards for everything we grow, sell, eat, use. Unless of course we become an Independent Nation.

Heather talks for about 30 mins and then takes question and points of view from the group.

View and download the slides which Heather used in her presentation. And listen here:


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Building A Resilient Scotland – with Craig Dalzell of Commonweal

Dr Craig Dalzell, Head of Research at Commonweal, spoke to Edinburgh & Lothians Group about a set of recent policy papers with the umbrella title of “A Resilient Scotland”.

Why Resilient?

Because we need to emerge successfully from Covid. And we will have to deal with the fall out of Brexit. Scotland will need a great deal of resilience. And if – in the not too distant future – we are setting up as an independent country then our resilience will be put to good use!

Craig’s talk is 25 minutes long and followed by a lively Q&A session. You can listen to it here:

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A People’s Constitution

Julia Laurie, co-convenor of Pensioners for Independence Edinburgh and Lothians, writes:

The following recording is from our meeting held on Tuesday the 28th July. Some time ago, the Greater Glasgow P4Indy invited me to one of their meetings when Bob Ingram of A Constitution for Scotland was speaking. I found it wonderful listening to Bob, and my reaction was almost visceral.

I have read some of the Draft Constitution written by Professor Mark McNaught, of the University of Rennes. It is very good. But it was not until I heard Bob speaking that I realised how important it is that a Scottish Constitution should be written by the people for the people.

I contacted Bob, and was delighted when he agreed to talk to our group, the following recording is the outcome. Before listening, I urge you to read the Constitution Summary.

Bob Ingram speaking to Edinburgh & Lothians P4Indy on 28July 2020

I really hope you have enjoyed Bob’s talk as much as I did. I have now heard it 3 times, and it affects me the same way every time. As you will have heard Bob say, they started with 22 people 11 years ago, and now they are ready to launch their Constitution.

Have a look at their web site Constitution for Scotland . If you can donate, no matter how small the amount, it will enable them to launch the Constitution. As a well-known supermarket says “every little helps” or as we might prefer to say “Mony a Mickle Maks a Muckle”.

I believe this constitution is vitally important, please spread knowledge of its existence to all your friends, colleagues, and any other groups you are part of, and remember political parties come and go, but a country’s constitution is forever.