About Us ….

Pensioners for Independence (P4Indy) is a group of pension-age Scots. We believe that Scotland and Scots would fare much better if Scotland were independent. We’d be able to control all of our own affairs from right here at home. We’re working to publicise the reasons why we believe that… and persuade more of us pensioners round to Yes.

(By “Scots” we mean anyone who chooses to live in Scotland, contributing to our society and our national culture.)

We now have groups of pensioners active in Greater Glasgow, Edinburgh & the Lothians, Selkirk, Ayr, Fife, Perth, Dumfries & Galloway and another group looking likely in Stirling. And we’re in contact with pensioners active in the Yes Movement in Brechin, Dumfries & Galloway, and Aberdeen.

We’re running stalls, designing leaflets and campaign materials, inviting speakers to public and group meetings, some us are very good at getting letters into the papers, some us are co-presenters on IndyLive Radio. There’s a lot to do. Have a look over this website. Sign up to our mailing list and we’ll keep you informed of where events & meetings are happening.

Some of these activities involve considerable expense and if you would like to show your support and supplement our own fundraising by making a donation we would be most appreciative.

Just a note….. some of these photos are pre-Covid. When we run stalls now we are socially distanced and wearing masks.

Glasgow P4Indy stall in Argyle Street, Glasgow