Pensioners on the March, End Pensioner Poverty,

Pensioners on the March!

Pensioners on the March – Are your boots made for walkin’?

Cos it’s only three weeks till the Glasgow March & Rally on Saturday 20th April.

Scottish IndyPodcasters met up with Gordon McIntyre-Kemp of Believe in Scotland and Marlene Halliday, one of our members who will be speaking at the Rally. They told us all about their plans and in particular about the festive atmosphere they want to create for the whole event.

. Watch them here:


PS If your boots, feet, knees, or hips are not for joining the March

…. then just come to George Square for the Rally. It’s easy to get there on public transport, the stalls will be there, there’s benches to sit on, and there’s lots of cafes nearby.

Sign up here to get updates on the event: March and Rally for an Independent Scotland And have a look at Believe in Scotland online shop.

Pensioners on the March… we’ll be back with news of the speakers and updates soon….