Bits & Pieces, Jan 2024

Bits & Pieces is a monthly roundup of topical clips and snippets from Holyrood, Westminster and around the Indy Movement. It’s compiled by Scottish Independence Podcasts.

Bits & Pieces Podcast. Scottish Independence Podcasts

Main themes covered this month are:

  • 00:53  Calling out war crimes
  • 05:47  Covid enquiry
  • :09:35  Scottish budget
  • 15:48   Holyrood snippets
  • 21:15   UK General Election 
  • 34:59   Westminster hot topics
  • 40:23   Horizon scandal
  • 44:57   Lesley Riddoch chats with Jim Byrne
  • 51:02   Indypodcasters out and about
  • 54:02   Time for Scotland by the Singing Councillors

Previous snippets are in the Bits & Pieces Playlist. You can listen more of Jim & Lesley’s West End Chat. And you can watch Lesley talking about her new film, Denmark, here.

Richie Venton, of Scottish Socialist Party, is mentioned in the section about UK General Election. He will feature in a podcast this week which commemorates Red Clydesider John Maclean.