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Back Out On the Streets Campaigning

From Jean of our Edinburgh and Lothian Group:

We were very happy to get back out on the streets in Edinburgh after so long away. We had a fine day near the farmer’s market beneath the Castle. We attached our banners and posters to the railings and stood socially distanced, showing our flag to many passers-by.

We had leaflets available but rather than approach people we kept the leaflets a transparent bag also hung on the railings.

I don’t think we got any converts, but I had three long very interesting conversations with supporters, including a couple of visitors from Worcester, England.

We also got our first Donations!

And from Mary of the Greater Glasgow Group:

I’m starting up our Thursday Argyle Street stall again on 24th June. If you are in the city, come and have a chat! Also our mini-stall (with the Grassroots Oban banners) will be out on Tuesdays beginning 22nd June.

The Glasgow Group stall had a few outings last summer but had to stop when Covid restrictions were re-introduced. Here is our mini-stall with our banners at Alexandra Park:

Videos for Independence…

Robert (Andy) Anderson has spent some of his time during lockdown creating videos on various aspects of Scotland’s journey to reclaim Independence. In the latest one he looks at what national debt we might have the day after independence.

If you missed his earlier videos, they’re included in this gallery. Just click on any of them to start watching.

Robert is an active member of Yes Perthshire Network.

Security & Defence in an Independent Scotland

Isobel Lindsay

….. is a well-known peace activist. She was a founding member of the cross-party Campaign for a Scottish Assembly in the early ’80s paving the way for the Constitutional Convention and, ultimately, the Scottish Parliament itself.

These days she is a member of the Scottish Independence Convention and has written a paper on Security for their set of Transition Papers. Isobel met (online) with Glasgow Pensioners4Indy to speak about that paper. She laid out the main Security issues which will need clarified before independence. And with that clarification in place, we’ll be able to achieve a smooth transition and over a shorter time-scale after independence.

You can listen to Isobel here:

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Lesley Riddoch: The Nation Videos

There are now four videos in the “Nation” series where Lesley Riddoch contrasts and compares Scotland with our northern neighbours. They are of course all small(-ish) Independent nations. Sadly, we though small(-ish) are not Independent. We are highly educated, with a diverse and highly developed economy, so we should compare well with these neighbours, eh? Watch Lesley as she meets and talks to politicians, educators, business people, artists, musicians and innovators in Iceland, the Faroes, Norway and – most recently – Estonia.

Pensions in an Independent Scotland

Yes Kirkintilloch, Lenzie and the Villages are hosting a pensions seminar on Tues 25th May at 7pm. It’s open to everyone and will be livestreamed direct to the Yes Kirkintilloch Facebook page. Just join on the night using this link.

The Panel

The Panel will be chaired by Financial Advisor and local East Dunbartonshire business owner, Ken McNeil. Panellists are:

  • Gordon McIntyre Kemp (Business for Scotland and Believe in Scotland
  • Mary McCabe (Pensioners for Independence)
  • Jim Walker (Economist)
  • Bill Johnson (Scottish Senior Alliance)
  • Craig Dalziel (The Common Weal)

Send in your Questions

Encourage anyone you know who has questions about pensions to join the meeting. They can ask their questions and hear the expert panel’s views of what your pension will look like in iScotland!

Before the event, you can email your question right up to the night itself. Just email to

During the event, you can ask your questions of the panel by typing in the comments box.

This is a great opportunity to ask questions. Don’t miss it!