Grangemouth Petrochemical Plant. Closure of Grangemouth Refinery

Closure of Grangemouth Refinery

Closure of Grangemouth Refinery

This week Ineos announced that they will stop refining oil at their Grangemouth facility. This will leave Scotland with no oil refining capacity. What will happen to the metro-chemical plant on the same site? Will Ineos go ahead with its plans to run Grangemouth on hydrogen? We don’t know.

Jim Stamper has written this article about the implications and possible responses to the refinery closure. It appeared in TalkingUp Scotland on 25 Nov. Jim is an active member of our Greater Glasgow Group.

Grangemouth Petrochemical Plant. Closure of Grangemouth Refinery

The Consequences of Private Ownership?

The real reason for the intended closure of Grangemouth refinery is the same as the reason for the huge increase in energy costs in the UK leading to very high inflation and the subsequent reduced value of wages and increased poverty.  That reason is the privatisation of our oil and gas resources and industries by UK Governments.  The private oil and gas companies have no obligation to provide oil and gas to the UK.  So even although we have these resources in our territorial waters we had to compete for oil and gas supplies on the world market and prices increased hugely due to the Ukraine Russia war.

Grangemouth is shutting down processing because the private company’s priority is maximising profit.  If processing can be carried out cheaper elsewhere the company will stop processing here.  Any damage to the workforce and the surrounding area or the effects on Scotland and its economy are not the company’s priority.

Public Ownership?

As the Grangemouth processing plant and the workforce are of no value to them then why not take it into public ownership.  Its existing function could continue with carbon capture in the Acorn project.  That part of the Grangemouth plant proposed to handle imports would no longer have value to the current owners.

The oil refining in public ownership could gradually be reduced until no longer required and replaced by green energy produced in Scotland.  Avoiding profiteering privatisation of that green energy and keeping it in public ownership should make the just transition easier. 

Our low cost, never ending green energy will reverse the price increases generally.  Industry wanting low cost energy and to meet customer demand for green energy produce will be attracted here, improving further Scotland’s economy.

SNP Independence Strategy Debate. Pensioner for Independence. Scottish independence Podcasts

SNP Independence Strategy Debate

Posted with permission of Scottish Independence Podcasts.

Independence Strategy

The route to independence concerns everyone in the Yes movement and there is by no means consensus on the path that will lead to success. Pensioners for Independence supports Scottish Independence but we are not party political. We will be dropping in on the various party conferences to see how they propose to get us there.

We start with the 2023 SNP conference. The SNP independence strategy debate was a key – and lengthy – item on the agenda. Here a 1min summary of the proceedings. It might help before you listen to the debate.


Key Points

Here are the key points from the debate with commentary from the IndyPodcasters. There’s a contents list below to help you navigate through the video. We think the speeches by Tommy Sheppard and Joanna Cherry are particularly interesting. But there are a lot of thoughtful contributions all the way through. And if you think we’ll end up engaging in civil disobedience then make sure you listen to David Buckley.



Content List:

00:01:16    Humza Yousaf proposes the resolution, followed by Stephen Flynn, seconding.

Followed by key speeches in favour or against the various amendments:

00:17:22    Tommy Sheppard – proposing Amendment A

00:23:22    Tony Guiliano – proposing Amendments B and C

00:29:43    Joanna Cherry – proposing Amendment D

00:37:19     David Buckley – Remitting the resolution back, in other words go back and think again.

00:41:27     Graeme McCormick – Direct negative, vote the resolution down.

00:45:43     Chris Hanlon – proposing Amendment F

00:48:22     Mike Russell, speaking against amendments F and G

Followed by speeches summing up the amendments:

00:51:21     Tommy Sheppard summing up Amendment A

00:53:56      Joanna Cherry summing up Amendment D

00:57:03       Pete Wishart summing up Amendment G

00:59:37      Graeme McCormick  summing up the direct negative

And ending with the final summing up in favour of the resolution

01:02:11      Humza Yousaf summing up

The full SNP independence strategy debate can be watched on SNP’s Youtube channel.

You’ll find podcasts featuring other independence-supporting Parties on Scottish Independence podcast playlist of Scottish Party Politics.

Believe in Scotland Online Shop. Pensioners for Independence.

Believe in Scotland Online Shop

Believe in Scotland have added an online shop to their website.

If you’re looking for their leaflets, badges, car stickers, t-shirts, booklet….. this is where to get them. They’ve got starter packs too, with a variety of campaign material. They’ve even got a Believe in Scotland umbrella!

And…. the greater quantities you order, the lower price you pay. Here’s the link to Believe in Scotland Shop. I fancy the umbrella.

Chain of Freedom Pensioners for Independence

Chain of Freedom – We Did It!

Mary McCabe, of our Greater Glasgow group, organised our section on the Forth & Clyde Canal for the Chain of Freedom Event on 14th October. Here is her report back:

Mary writes:


The Chain of Freedom on October 14th was more successful than we had dared to hope. And Pensioners for Indy played our part in it!

At the time I left the house to go to our allotted section 3E at Bishopbriggs, I had exactly 40 on my list. I was thinking well I don’t expect all 40 will actually turn up. If we get 25 that’ll be a good showing. In fact 54 turned up for our section! Not my figures: the count was carried out by Christian the official appointed steward for our section.

The weather was glorious and we looked and sounded cheery and lovely with our flags and banners strung along the bank of the gleaming canal.


Rumours Are Spreading : Did Unionists try to sabotage the event?

Apparently there were  a few blank sections where nobody appeared. Mary heard that this was because Unionists (either human or bots) had registered by the hundred and filled up some of the sections thus stopping genuine activists from getting in. Next time – and there will be a next time of some kind – the organisers will be wise to the possibility of underhand tactics.

Thanks, Mary, to you and all your companions on Section 3E. Meanwhile on Section 2A at Knightswood and Clydebank in Glasgow more of our members were enjoying themselves. You’ll maybe recognise some of them in this clip.



Our friends, Marlene and Fiona of the IndyPodcaster Team (they’re also members of Pensioners for Indy) have made this longer souvenir video of the event. It’s got more footage from Knightswood, some from near the Falkirk Wheel, from Bonnybridge, and from Kelvinhead, a drone’s eye view, and the Silent Clansman in his canoe!


See you all next year! Because we’re sure the Chain of Freedom team are thinking about a possible follow-up event….

In Rutherglen with Pensioners for Independence

In Rutherglen with our Glasgow Group

As campaigning hots up in the Rutherglen & West Hamilton by-election, our Greater Glasgow group decided to take their stall to Rutherglen Town Hall this week and do a bit of independence campaigning themselves. This is them on Tuesday. It was busier than it looks!


The Scottish Independence Podcast team joined us…

On Thursday we were joined by Marlene and Fiona of the Scottish Independence Podcast team (they are also in the Glasgow P4Indy group). They had a chat to some of us. Then they went off looking for other campaigners. They chatted to an Independence for Scotland Party supporter, found a Scottish Socialist Party stall, and managed to get a few minutes talking to Keith Brown of SNP on his way out to canvas for Katy Loudon. Here is the video report: