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Campaign trail

On the Campaign Trail

Campaign Trail Our friends, Marlene and Fiona, the IndyPodcasters threw themselves into the election campaign trail last night with the first of what they promote will be a regular Manifesto Madness podcast… Or possible Delivering Democracy podcast… Or perhaps Election PostBox…. they haven’t quite decided on the podcast name yet. Go the IndyPodcasters !!! . […]

Extremist Threat Rishi Sunak

The Plot Thickens… Rishi Cancels Himself

The Plot Thickens. In our last blog – Are You an Extremist Threat? – we showed you a few responses to Rishi Sunak’s speech to the right-wing think tank Policy Exchange UK. But Now The Plot Thickens… When PM gives a speech it’s normal for a transcript to be posted on the UKGov website. Perfectly […]

Are You an Extremist Threat? Rishi Sunak

Are You an Extremist Threat?

#Extremist Threats to Britain (First published in Weegie Fifer May 17, 2024.) In his speech last week, Rishi Sunak told the nation of the extremist threats facing Great Britain over the coming years. He was speaking at Policy ExchangeUK. (Full speech here). it was his last speech as incumbent UK Prime Minister but we didn’t […]

AUOB March & Rally

AUOB March & Rally

Stories from the March: Glasgow 4th May 2024 – Indypodcasters Fiona and Marlene join the March for Scottish Independence, organised by AUOB. Here are some stories and opinions from folk they met along the way: Well done to everyone who took part and thanks for stopping to chat with us! Marlene is still chuckling at […]

Speaking Up for Scotland. Independence Rally

Yes! Speaking Up for Scotland

April saw the first Independence Rally of the year, organised by Pensioners for Independence and Believe in Scotland. The theme of the event was #EndPensionerPoverty. This podcast brings together the speeches from the independence rally – minus the obligatory comments about how wonderfully sunny the weather was! Speaking Up for Scotland: The speakers included writers, […]

End Pensioner Poverty. Glagow March for Independence

Let’s End Pensioner Poverty

End Pensioner Poverty was the theme of Saturday’s march and rally in Glasgow. . Pensioners for Indy partnered with Believe in Scotland to put on this event. it was a big jog and we have been involved with the planning of it over the past six months. Members from our Fife, Glasgow, Selkirk and Ayr […]

Pensioners on the March, End Pensioner Poverty,

Pensioners on the March!

Pensioners on the March – Are your boots made for walkin’? Cos it’s only three weeks till the Glasgow March & Rally on Saturday 20th April. Scottish IndyPodcasters met up with Gordon McIntyre-Kemp of Believe in Scotland and Marlene Halliday, one of our members who will be speaking at the Rally. They told us all […]


Bits & Pieces, Jan 2024

Bits & Pieces is a monthly roundup of topical clips and snippets from Holyrood, Westminster and around the Indy Movement. It’s compiled by Scottish Independence Podcasts. Main themes covered this month are: Previous snippets are in the Bits & Pieces Playlist. You can listen more of Jim & Lesley’s West End Chat. And you can watch Lesley […]

Denmark the State of Happiness. Lesley Riddoch. Scottish Independence Podcasts. Pensioners for Independence

Is Scotland being Cheated? Denmark definitely isn’t.

Award winning broadcaster Lesley Riddoch joins us to chat about her new film Denmark – the State of Happiness. The film is currently on tour all around Scotland with a Q+A session with Lesley at each screening. The Scottish Independence Podcast team managed to catch up her in between gigs to find out more about […]

Routes to Independence. Scottish Independence Podcasts.

Routes to Independence

This year will be a General Election year. There’s been a lot of discussion about how independence supporting parties in Scotland might best approach their campaigns. Of course given that it’s a FPTP voting system for Westminster only the SNP have a realistic chance of gaining seats. Or losing them. Recently the Scottish Independence Podcast […]

MSM Monitor. Fact Check.

MSM Monitor is Back : the Great iPad Scandal!

MSM Monitor is Tweeting Again! MSM Monitor has long been a valuable source on social mediae debunking & tweeting rebuttals to Mainstream Media fake news, spun reporting, and downright lying about the case for Scottish independence. It’s always been a bit of a mystery as to who ran the account. Though there are some very […]

TalkingUp Scotland

TalkingUp Scotland – November Picks

. November Picks from TalkingUp Scotland… John Robertson’s blog TalkingUp Scotland is an excellent media fact check source if you’re interested in Scottish news reporting. Every now and then – like now – we write up a couple of his articles. This month we’re going to look at the Herald’s take on road traffic accidents […]