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Glasgow P4Indy Indy Trailer

A couple of months back we sent out a news flash to our mailing list with details of the offer from Scottish Independence Foundation (SIF) to fund converting ordinary common or garden trailers into Indy Trailers. Since then Alan Logue, of Greater Glasgow Pensioners for Indy, successfully applied to SIF and he’s now in the […]

Scotland & Ireland: A Constitutional Moment for Change?

Dr Paul Gillespie of University College Dublin compares and contrasts Ireland & Scotland - our history, constitutional situation, economy, futures.

Pensions in an Independent Scotland

Last month Yes Kirkintilloch, Lenzie and the Villages brought together a panel of experts to talk about pensions in an independent Scotland. This is an important topic given that so many pension-age Scots are not yet convinced about independence.

Back Out On the Streets Campaigning

From Jean of our Edinburgh and Lothian Group: We were very happy to get back out on the streets in Edinburgh after so long away. We had a fine day near the farmer’s market beneath the Castle. With our banners and posters tied to the railings and staying socially distanced, showing our flag to many […]

Videos for Independence…

Robert (Andy) Anderson has spent some of his time during lockdown creating videos on various aspects of Scotland’s journey to reclaim Independence. In the latest one he looks at what national debt we might have the day after independence. If you missed his earlier videos, they’re included in this gallery. Just click on any of […]

Security & Defence in an Independent Scotland

Isobel Lindsay ….. is a well-known peace activist. She was a founding member of the cross-party Campaign for a Scottish Assembly in the early ’80s paving the way for the Constitutional Convention and, ultimately, the Scottish Parliament itself. These days she is a member of the Scottish Independence Convention and has written a paper on […]

Lesley Riddoch: The Nordic Series of Videos

There are now four videos in the Nordic series where Lesley Riddoch contrasts and compares Scotland with our northern neighbours. They are of course all small(-ish) Independent nations. Sadly, we though small(-ish) are not Independent. We are highly educated, with a diverse and highly developed economy, so we should compare well with these neighbours, eh? […]

George Kerevan: Alba Party’s Economic Plans

Julia Laurie, co-convenor of Edinburgh and Lothians Pensioners for Indy group writes: The following podcast took place on Tuesday the 27th April, only 9 days before the Scottish Elections, and I knew this could not be edited and posted before then. I therefore decided to complete it after the election when we knew the results. […]

Enough Is Enough….

A month ago we posted details of the latest Holyrood polling. Here are how the polls stand at the end of April. Only three days till we choose who we want to make decisions for Scotland. Enough is enough…. Constituency Voting Intention: Regional List Voting Intentions: And this is a weighted average prediction of seats […]

Be A Voice for Scotland

Voices for Scotland … ….is the external arm of the Scottish Independence Convention (SIC). Pensioners for Independence is one of the stakeholder groups of SIC and we send representatives to the SIC Board Meetings. As things ramp up for the Holyrood Elections – and hopefully an early independence referendum after that – Voices for Scotland […]

Kenny MacAskill: the Alba Party

Kenny MacAskill, MP is standing for the Alba Party on the Lothian List, in the Holyrood Election on 6th May. Julia Laurie, co-convenor of Edinburgh & Lothians Pensioners4Indy group, writes: With the forthcoming Scottish Elections, and the Alba Party having burst onto the scene at the last moment, I decided to try to engage a […]

George Gunn, writer, playwright, poet…..

George has been writer-in-residence for the Orkney Islands Council and the Scottish Poetry Library in Ullapool. He is well known as a playwright, with over 50 productions for stage and radio. From 1992 to 2010 he was Artistic Director of Grey Coast Theatre Company, which he co-founded. He has produced several series for BBC Radio Scotland and Radio 4