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George Gunn, writer, playwright, poet…..

George has been writer-in-residence for the Orkney Islands Council and the Scottish Poetry Library in Ullapool. He is well known as a playwright, with over 50 productions for stage and radio. From 1992 to 2010 he was Artistic Director of Grey Coast Theatre Company, which he co-founded. He has produced several series for BBC Radio Scotland and Radio 4

The Report That Someone Doesn’t Want Us to See

About the Authors: Richard Mackenzie-Gray Scott is a Research Fellow at the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law, British Institute of International and Comparative Law.Geoffrey Chapman is an Economic Adviser at the Department for International Trade, UK Government. The authors make it plain that the views expressed in the paper are their own and […]

Scottish Polling – 30 March

The latest Survation Scottish Poll from 30 March gives us a baseline for how the parties are doing in the Holyrood campaign. the SNP ahead in both constituency and list votes, on 49% and 37% respectively. the Tories sit on 21% and 18% neck and neck with Labour 20% and 19%. the Greens on 11% […]

Both Votes SNP? Or Split Our Indy Vote?

The Greater Glasgow group invited Tony Grahame to speak about how the D’Hondt system is used to calculate who wins List MSPs in the Holyrood elections. Tony took us through the Glasgow List vote from 2016 explaining how the List seats were allocated. He also compared overall Scottish list results from 2016 with those from […]

Our Border with England after Independence

We’ve posted a couple fo times about the videos produced by Robert Anderson in which he debunks anti-Independence myths on things like State Pensions and the Economy. Here is another video. This about Borders and what ours with England might look like.

Postal Voting – Still time To Register

This is the time of Covid. It’s not the time to assume we’ll be able to vote at our local polling station 6th May. We know that any of us might have to self-isolate at short notice. So have a backup plan in place : register for a postal vote. Is Postal Voting trustworthy? Ah, […]

Dr Kirsty Hughes: Scotland & the Brexit Deal

Julia Laurie of Edinburgh & Lothians P4Indy writes: Dr Kirsty Hughes is Director and founder of the Scottish Centre on European Relations. A researcher, writer and commentator on European politics and policy, she has worked at a number of leading European think tanks. She has published extensively, as well as contributing to a wide range […]

Our AGM….. Held Online, 26Feb 2021

In previous years … ….we have invited speakers to our AGM, had raffles, brought cakes and coffee and enjoyed each others company. But in the current Covid circumstances, all that is impossible. So we decided to make our AGM a short business meeting online. Our Treasurer presented the Annual Accounts for 2019 and 2020. We […]

It’s Quiz Time…… Scottish Place Names Quiz

Jane Pearn of our Selkirk group writes…. We in the Selkirk group are looking ahead to better times, when we can make the case for independence person-to-person. We want to make our stall attractive and engaging, so we are trying to raise some funds to stock it. We hope that our Scottish Place Names quiz […]

We’re Number 5 in The National’s Podcast Charts!

In today’s edition of The National, Suzanne McLaughlin reckons that we are the fifth best in their podcast recommendations. Use the top menu to browse all our podcasts!

Talkin’ Bout Our Generation – Why We’re Important and Why We’re Not

In January 2021, our Greater Glasgow group invited journalist and commentator Ruth Wishart to our meeting. As well being a very talented writer and broadcaster, Ruth is of our generation. She spoke for about 30 minutes on the the topic of why our generation – the Boomers – is important in the campaign for independence. […]

State Pensions and the Economy in Independent Scotland

A couple of weeks back we published a post called Scotland – An Exciting Future. It features a video by Robert Anderson of the Yes Perth City Group. He has also made a video about how the Border might operate in an independent Scotland. Since then Robert has sent us links to a further two […]