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COP26 March: A Day for the History Books

Despite the rain the Greater Glasgow Group of Pensioners for Indy managed to make our presence felt at yesterday’s gi-normous COP 26 demonstration.  4

Focussing on Climate Emergency

From Marlene Halliday, of our Glasgow Group: The climate emergency has always been one of my main reasons for supporting Scottish independence. 1 1

A Stormy Glasgow Day

It was stormy in Argyle Street this week, but was that going to stop Glasgow Pensioners? Nah! Need an anchor? Use a street bench! And hang on to the gazebo poles..

Mike Russell: Path to Independence

Our Greater Glasgow Group invited Mike Russell. Having retired from Holyrood in May this year, Mike is focussing on his job of SNP President and his recent appointment as political director of the SNP Independence Unit. 2

Winning the Argument for IndyRef2 – Lessons to Learn

Roger Mullin is a long-standing independence campaigner. He was the first UK Parliamentarian to enter Mosul, Iraq, during the battle with Daesh. He’s also worked with human rights organisations.

Indy Trailer: We’re On The Road!

A couple of months back we let you see some photos of the Glasgow Group’s Indy Trailer under construction. When it was completed we took it out for a trial run. 3

Day of Action & Local Groups’ Round-Up

Now that Covid restrictions have been eased, Pensioners for Indy have been getting out and about again and were there in force for the Believe in Scotland Sept 18th Day of Action last Saturday. 1

National Yes Network Newsletter

The NYN Newsletter came out this week and features a snippet about our Greater Glasgow stall team. And lots of other items: Scottish Diaspora …. Yessers Out and About…Scottish Independence Foundation. 1

Glasgow P4Indy Indy Trailer

A couple of months back we sent out a news flash to our mailing list with details of the offer from Scottish Independence Foundation (SIF) to fund converting ordinary common or garden trailers into Indy Trailers. Since then Alan Logue, of Greater Glasgow Pensioners for Indy, successfully applied to SIF and he’s now in the […]

Scotland & Ireland: A Constitutional Moment for Change?

Dr Paul Gillespie of University College Dublin compares and contrasts Ireland & Scotland - our history, constitutional situation, economy, futures.

Pensions in an Independent Scotland

Last month Yes Kirkintilloch, Lenzie and the Villages brought together a panel of experts to talk about pensions in an independent Scotland. This is an important topic given that so many pension-age Scots are not yet convinced about independence. 1

Back Out On the Streets Campaigning

From Jean of our Edinburgh and Lothian Group: We were very happy to get back out on the streets in Edinburgh after so long away. We had a fine day near the farmer’s market beneath the Castle. With our banners and posters tied to the railings and staying socially distanced, showing our flag to many […]