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Virtual Burns Supper – Bring Your Own Haggis & Whisky !

Why not celebrate Burns Night with Glasgow Pensioners for Independence? This year it will be a virtual event – free access via Zoom on request. 

An evening of poetry, songs and instrumental music provided by Pensioners4Indy members. There will even be an ‘open mic’ spot to allow you to participate if you fancy giving us a song! It promises to be a very enjoyable event. If you haven’t already done so, you can register for the Zoom link by emailing :

Whisky and haggis available on a self-service basis!

Chronologically Gifted Voters

A few weeks back, IndyLive Radio broadcast an interview with Ruth Wishart called Bringing Chronologically Gifted Scots to Yes.

Chronologically Gifted is Ruth’s name for us older voters. Gifted because we’re still here, still breathing, and very importantly – still voting. You can listen to the interview here:

After broadcasting Ruth’s interview, the Daytime Show team talk to a panel of four people from four P4Indy Groups: Alan Logue from Greater Glasgow, Julia Laurie from Edinburgh, Lindsay Neil from Selkirk, and Morag Muego from Dumfries. Listen to what they think it will take to persuade more older voters round to Yes.

Got any suggestions of your own on how to get more chronologically gifted votes to Yes?

Tell us in the commons below.

Seeking A Currency for an Independent Scotland

Greater Glasgow P4Indy invited Andy Anderson to an online meeting to talk about the currency options in an independent Scotland. Andy is well-known in the Yes Movement. He became active in seeking to explain the various currency options after he witnessed the currency bourach that emerged during the 2014 campaign. He has published several books on the subject. He leads small study groups on his ideas and the thinking behind them. And in this Covid pandemic he has moved to digital meetings and digital study groups!

You can listen to the talk and the Q&As afterwards here:

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