Back Out On the Streets Campaigning

From Jean of our Edinburgh and Lothian Group:

We were very happy to get back out on the streets in Edinburgh after so long away. We had a fine day near the farmer’s market beneath the Castle. With our banners and posters tied to the railings and staying socially distanced, showing our flag to many passers-by.

We had leaflets available but rather than approach people we kept the leaflets a transparent bag also hung on the railings.

I don’t think we got any converts, but I had three long very interesting conversations with supporters, including a couple of visitors from Worcester, England.

We also got our first Donations!

And from Mary of the Greater Glasgow Group:

I’m starting up our Thursday Argyle Street stall again on 24th June. If you are in the city, come and have a chat! Also our mini-stall (with the Grassroots Oban banners) will be out on Tuesdays beginning 22nd June.

We’re socially distanced and we’re back!!

The Glasgow Group stall had a few outings last summer but had to stop when Covid restrictions were re-introduced. Here is our mini-stall with our banners at Alexandra Park: