A Blether with Peter A Bell

Julia Jaurie, convenor of Edinburgh & Lothians P4Indy group, writes:

In our recent online meeting well known blogger, Peter A Bell, was kind enough to join us for a blether. Peter’s blog is called ‘I have Questions’ and he has a Facebook page White Rose Rising. Peter prefers to have an interactive Q&A with his audience, rather than talk, so he gave a brief introduction of the current political situation in Scotland, then off we went!

Within minutes we were inundated with points and questions of concern to our members:

  • should the S30 process be dumped? why give Westminster control over what should be our Referendum, well and truly made in Scotland.
  • will there even be a Scottish election next year? or might it be postponed?
  • is the SNP prepared for an election or a referendum?
  • how should we shape the referendum campaign? Peter thinks that we should reframe the issue so that we campaign against the Union rather than for Independence. In 2014 there was no scrutiny of the Union. Instead of us justifying Independence, let Unionists justify the the Union
  • Scottish Government needs to show no hesitation of weakness in negotiations with Westminster .

I really hope you enjoyed listening to our blether as much as we did taking part, and Peter will possibly come back and chat with us again in December, and then March 2021, as so much changes, and we all love a blether!

Finally, this is Peter’s Manifesto for Independence:

  • Renounce Section 30 process
  • Assert competence of Scottish Parliament in constitutional matters
  • Recall MPs to join with MSPs in a National Convention
  • Propose dissolution of Union subject to referendum
  • Call referendum entirely made and managed in Scotland
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