Cliff Purvis: A UK Forces Veteran for Indy

Cliff Purvis served in British Army for many years and saw active service in war zones all over the world, sometimes as part of UN Operations. He helps runs the Scottish Veteran for Independence 2.0 Group. And he speaks to Yes Groups all over Scotland.

Here he talks to our Edinburgh Group about what he knows of the support for independence amongst both veterans and those who are still member of the UK Forces.

He also answers questions on topics like:

  • what will a Scottish Defence Force look like?
  • do we even need a defence force? Iceland doesn’t have one.
  • has the Scottish Government ever asked him for his views?
  • do we need submarines?
  • how long would it take to rid Scotland of nuclear arms?
  • What about NATO?
  • do many current Armed Forces members support independence?
  • you hear stories about veterans ending up homeless and on the streets. How would he like to see veterans treats in an independent Scotland?