Update from Mary McCabe….

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ll know that Mary McCabe of Glasgow P4Indy group is one of our most active members and no mean writer herself. Here’s a taste of what she’s been up to:

From Mary McCabe:

Last night I was the guest speaker at the Carse of Gowrie SNP Branch meeting, talking to them about Pensioners for Indy. 

Since they’re geographically close to Perth I mentioned about the Perth Group of Pensioners4Indy having returned their start-up funds to the National Committee because they were having difficulty getting enough folk together to start up their stalls again. 

One of the Carse members said she’d heard that the Perth Group had got absorbed into the general Perth YES Hub which is on the go. Which is all right, I guess, and we will keep in touch with them.

Out and About on our Stalls

This a picture of our Argyle Street stall in Glasgow with Burns’ family picture as it was on the 25th and 27th January. We played Burns songs on these two days on the wee speaker! If it’s not too out of date by now maybe Marlene would put the picture on the website. (Of course! Editor)

Glasgow Pensioners for Independence – 25 January 2022

Today we had Jean Hall at our Argyle St stall, having travelled through to Glasgow from Edinburgh. She has come to join us on several occasions throughout the pandemic, despite being understandably nervous of the Edinburgh-Glasgow journey on what might be a crowded train. The Milngavie stall is also going strong.

Once a stall is established as a regular event on a particular day of the week it’s much easier to keep it going. We’re very lucky in Glasgow in that our Argyle Street stall has now reached the stage of a solid base of activists: 5 or 6 on a Tuesday and 10 or 12 on a Thursday. Because of its location we get plenty of interest from all ages and all nationalities. Most foreigners are sympathetic to independence and it’s often news to them that they can vote in any election or referendum controlled by the Scottish Government.

Our Stall Banners

These two stall bases, Argyle Street and Milngavie, swap banners back and forth.  Grassroots Oban have been running the National Banner Library: Here are some of them:

Believe in Scotland also have some great campaigning images and we in the Glasgow P4Indy Group are now ordering up some new banners based on those.

If you haven’t read about the Daily Mail challenging the claim by Believe in Scotland that the UK State Pension is the worst in the developed world, you should! Since we claim the same and are still distributing the leaflets (with the old guitarist and dancing girl!) this argument is of interest to us. You can read it here: Daily Fail Mail

Of course our other campaigning initiative in Glasgow is the Indy Trailer! It’s out and about every week.