Talkin’ Bout Our Generation – Why We’re Important and Why We’re Not

In January 2021, our Greater Glasgow group invited journalist and commentator Ruth Wishart to our meeting. As well being a very talented writer and broadcaster, Ruth is of our generation. She spoke for about 30 minutes on the the topic of why our generation – the Boomers – is important in the campaign for independence. But also why we are not important. If that has intrigued you, listen to her here.



And just to give you a taste of the questions to Ruth after the talk, here are some of them:

  • how do we catch attention of those older voters who don’t think much about politics? 
  • our age group still read newspapers, watch BBC / STV News. Is it possible to influence broadcasters like BBC? One main problem is the Unionist spin on BBC. Many more of us need to write to BBC about that.
  • how do we prevent people who have swung over to Yes but who are being pressured by UKGov even now and certainly will be more as the campaigning gets properly under way?
  • are we in danger of losing our Parliament completely?
  • what do you think about the lack of policy radicalism  from SNP?
  • you are often introduced as an independence supporter, whereas Unionist don’t get introduced as supporters of the Union, does that bother you?
  • now that we are taking advantage of platforms like Zoom, could we have a P4Indy forum to answer some of these questions?
  • do you think that those of us with family in England do have reasonable questions about the Border?
  • do you think civil disobedience is a way forward ?
  • are you in favour of written Constitution?

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