The Big Indy Kits

You might have heard of an Ayemail project called “The Big Indy Kit” which has involved the design and production of kits of publicity materials for Yes campaigning groups. All ready for IndyRef2. Ayemail asked if we wanted to fund a P4Indy leaflet to be included in the kits.

The cost to us was £400 to help design and produce 100,000 leaflets. We thought it was an opportunity we couldn’t afford to miss and fortunately we had enough cash in our bank account to cover it. In fact, Ayemail came back to us and said they’d add our logo to a further 200,000 leaflets for no further cost. So 300,000 leaflets with our logo and contact details are winging their way to Yes groups all over Scotland.

Because of this we are expecting more people  to make contact with us in the way that you already have. And hopefully we’ll see more local groups starting up, have more people on our mailing list, and more people using our website.

However …. that £400 to Ayemail took most of our bank balance. So as well as letting you know about the Indy Kit project, we are also asking if you can send a fiver or a tenner in our direction. Well, as much as you like really! including setting up regular donations.




If you’d prefer to donate directly then our bank details are :

Pensioners for Independence National Group,

Sort code: 80-22-60

Account: 18094560

We’ll put your donations to good use. Thank you in anticipation.

Pensioners for Independence National Group

Here’s what a Kit looks like after you’ve unwrapped it: