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News from around the Yes! Movement….

Nation Videos by Lesley Riddoch

Lesley Riddoch is a well kent face in media Scottish, and in the Indy Movement. for a number of years she has championed aligning Scotland with our Nordic neighbours. She’s frequently to be found at Yes Group meetings around Scotland. This is her at Clydebank Town Hall before Christmas.

This is her blog: Another Side of Lesley Riddoch

One of the results of her focus on our Nordic neighbours is a series of short films looking at the similarities and differences between us and the three nations of Faros, Iceland and Norway. Here are the three films.

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An Employment Opportunity at SIC

We’ve already posted about the Scottish Independence Convention (SIC) new fund-raising campaign This Is It. With over £103,000 in the kitty from the current fund-raiser they are beginning to take on staff.

Currently they are looking for a Campaign Co-ordinator. The role will involve developing and delivering a campaign to lift support for Scottish independence to well above 50%, and will require effective responses to rapidly moving news and political agendas. A track record in organising and running campaigns and the ability to manage staff in a small organisation are essential.

So if you – or one of your younger friends, relatives, neighbours – fancy being the SIC Coordinator here is where to apply: SIC Co-ordinator Job Information


Scottish Independence Foundation

The Scottish Independence Foundation (SIF) believes that Scotland can only realise her immense potential as a nation through Independence. SIF believes passionately in the power of the people of Scotland to achieve that Independence and to build a prosperous, inclusive and just society for all. The next independence campaign will likely be won on the doorsteps, in the pubs and clubs, in communities and workplaces, and through networks, real and virtual. SIF aims to provide financial support to this campaign, enabling the grassroots to engage as widely as possible and to encourage those who are not yet persuaded to join us.

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This Is It – £104,065 Raised So Far

P4Indy is one of the stake-holder groups of Scottish Independence Convention. Our National Co-convenor, Alan Logue, attends SIC meetings and regularly reports back to the National Group and that info gets fed back to our local groups.


The Scottish Independence Convention is a coalition of Scotland’s national pro-independence organisations, the pro-independence political parties and, through the membership of regional forums, of Scotland’s local grassroots pro-independence groups. The work’s already begun and our public research work has shown us the type of people who could vote for independence if the situation was right for them. Between us, we can bring together the best people to win them over.

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