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Pensions in an Independent Scotland

Yes Kirkintilloch, Lenzie and the Villages are hosting a pensions seminar on Tues 25th May at 7pm. It’s open to everyone and will be livestreamed direct to the Yes Kirkintilloch Facebook page. Just join on the night using this link.

The Panel

The Panel will be chaired by Financial Advisor and local East Dunbartonshire business owner, Ken McNeil. Panellists are:

  • Gordon McIntyre Kemp (Business for Scotland and Believe in Scotland
  • Mary McCabe (Pensioners for Independence)
  • Jim Walker (Economist)
  • Bill Johnson (Scottish Senior Alliance)
  • Craig Dalziel (The Common Weal)

Send in your Questions

Encourage anyone you know who has questions about pensions to join the meeting. They can ask their questions and hear the expert panel’s views of what your pension will look like in iScotland!

Before the event, you can email your question right up to the night itself. Just email to yeseastdunbartonshire@gmail.com

During the event, you can ask your questions of the panel by typing in the comments box.

This is a great opportunity to ask questions. Don’t miss it!

Triple-lock on state pensions

There has been renewed publicity paid just recently to the future of the triple-lock on state pensions.

This is the committment made some time ago that annual increases will be whichever is the greatest of :-  the rate of inflation, the change in the Consumer Prices Index, and 2.5%.   Both the Conservatives and Labour have said they will discontinue the triple-lock in the near future, whereas the SNP have made it clear that, in an independent Scotland, an SNP Government would maintain it indefinitely.  Pensioners in Scotland do not really need any more reason than this for voting SNP and for Independence, but just in case more incentive is required, what about protecting your free ‘bus passes, because if we elect another Tory Government at Westminster that is hell-bent on more austerity measures, you can be sure retired people’s bus passes will be in the firing line next !


British pensioners in Spain worry Brexit could force them to return to UK

Spain is home to more than 100,000 British pensioners. Most moved there many years ago to enjoy their retirement with the understanding that they would be able to export their pension and healthcare rights with them. But since the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, these rights are no longer guaranteed.

Of course if Scotland stays in the EU, Scottish pensioners in Spain and the rest of the EU would have their pension guaranteed.

At present, the maximum British state pension of around £480 a month is barely enough to cover living costs and is low by European standards – in comparison the Spanish state pension averages around €900 (£790) a month. An independent Scotland could easily do better.

Source: http://theconversation.com/british-pensioners-in-spain-worry-brexit-could-force-them-to-return-to-uk-74329

See also: What a ‘no deal’ Brexit would mean for healthcare of British pensioners in Spain