MSM Monitor. Fact Check.

MSM Monitor is Back : the Great iPad Scandal!

MSM Monitor is Tweeting Again!

MSM Monitor. Fact Check.

MSM Monitor has long been a valuable source on social mediae debunking & tweeting rebuttals to Mainstream Media fake news, spun reporting, and downright lying about the case for Scottish independence. It’s always been a bit of a mystery as to who ran the account. Though there are some very likely candidates for that.

A few weeks back its Twitter / X account announced it was closing. Cue: a chorus of “Oh, No! Please stay”. It seems that chorus was heard because the twitter account is back up and running and has been tweeting its own short videos on topics currently being spun in the news. Maybe it has a new

They’ve made a great comeback with a series of videos in the Led By Donkeys style…

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