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Scottish Constitution Project – Have Your Say

Have Your Say in the Future Governance of Scotland 

Some 11 years ago a small group of Scots decided to draft a ‘model’ written constitution for Scotland rather than just talk about the need for one.  The Constitution for Scotland Project (CfS) has grown from that modest beginning. It advocates Scottish independence as a matter of community democracy. And it exists to encourage consultation on a draft constitution.

The project has moved on to its next stage. The consultation provides an opportunity for anyone who wishes to contribute to the future governance of Scotland. Scots are invited to contribute suggestions for amendments and additions to the basic draft. In this way, it will become a real People’s Constitution. So we will create it from the grassroots up.

The Project Is Now Live

  • The interactive debate provides choices. So people can either read the summary or the full model constitution.
  • Anyone who wishes to take part just needs to register.
  • After registering, they can add their own ideas and comment on those of others.
  • They will be able to return again and again to see the latest vote counts and rankings or update their own input and vote – right up to Independence Day. 
  • Register and then leave your ideas, suggestions and comments here: Interactive Consultation

Politicians Will Know What We Want

After this consultation our politicians will know precisely what we want. And what we expect them to do about it. And that’s what a constitution is all about. Scotland will have a constitution which truly represents a modern popular democracy. 


More About CfS:

Our Edinburgh & Lothians Group organised an online meeting with Robert Ingram of CfS. You can listen to their discussions here: A People’s Constitution

CfS is charity chaired by Robert Ingram. Robert explains:

“Being prepared is not just a good motto for Guides and Scouts. Everyone will benefit from looking ahead and considering the political nature of a Scotland in full control of its own affairs, economy and resources. 

“That is the thinking behind this initiative to conduct a public consultation on a written Constitution for Scotland. And for all these reasons, this is not a job just for politicians: it is for every citizen to have a say in how he or she is to be governed and to make their priorities crystal clear.  

A People’s Constitution

Julia Laurie, co-convenor of Pensioners for Independence Edinburgh and Lothians, writes:

The following recording is from our meeting held on Tuesday the 28th July. Some time ago, the Greater Glasgow P4Indy invited me to one of their meetings when Bob Ingram of A Constitution for Scotland was speaking. I found it wonderful listening to Bob, and my reaction was almost visceral.

I have read some of the Draft Constitution written by Professor Mark McNaught, of the University of Rennes. It is very good. But it was not until I heard Bob speaking that I realised how important it is that a Scottish Constitution should be written by the people for the people.

I contacted Bob, and was delighted when he agreed to talk to our group, the following recording is the outcome. Before listening, I urge you to read the Constitution Summary.

Bob Ingram speaking to Edinburgh & Lothians P4Indy on 28July 2020

I really hope you have enjoyed Bob’s talk as much as I did. I have now heard it 3 times, and it affects me the same way every time. As you will have heard Bob say, they started with 22 people 11 years ago, and now they are ready to launch their Constitution.

Have a look at their web site Constitution for Scotland . If you can donate, no matter how small the amount, it will enable them to launch the Constitution. As a well-known supermarket says “every little helps” or as we might prefer to say “Mony a Mickle Maks a Muckle”.

I believe this constitution is vitally important, please spread knowledge of its existence to all your friends, colleagues, and any other groups you are part of, and remember political parties come and go, but a country’s constitution is forever.