Our Pensions Leaflet

Here it is. It’s A4 size, in our print run we have it folded to A5.

One of our Glasgow group has spent a great deal of time coming up with the basic concept, researching the information, and beginning to put it together in a general layout. Then our graphic designer took our initial ideas and produce the finished leaflet.

The leaflet makes two main points:

  • The UK State Pension is the worst in the EU, despite UK having the second biggest economy in the EU.
  • Scotland is a land of massive natural resources. We have a diverse economy. We have a highly educated workforce. What we don’t have is the power to direct these assets in the way that aligns with Scottish social values.

All the images on the leaflet are backed up with data from ScotGov, UKGov, EU, OECD. If you want to look into those more closely follow then you can download this eight page document with all the background information and links to sources.

You are welcome to use these images on a website. Or to print the images. Click here for high resolution version of Front/Back (4MB) and Inside (3MB) of the leaflet.

Or, if you would like to order some of these leaflets, please contact us via the top menu “Contact Us” page. We can provide the leaflets at cost, plus any postage.