Our Article In the National

The article was published in the National on 28 May. We were asked to contribute to the series which they are running just now highlighting the groups who have received grants from the Scottish Independence Foundation.

Here’s the text of the article which was written by Alan Logue co-Convenor of our National Group.

Our age group had the highest proportion of those who rejected constitutional change in 2014. We reformed Pensioners for Independence in early 2017 because we considered that a group run by pensioners was better placed to put our message across, raise the issues that most concern us – especially those that failed to convince us to vote Yes in 2014 – and convince our peers of the benefits of constitutional change.

Edinburgh was the first group to be convened and after some months Greater Glasgow followed and some activities started in Aberdeen and Perth. Street stalls were run, speakers were arranged and local meetings held.

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Aberdeen March 2019

At the march in Aberdeen, some of our Glasgow Group linked up with Aberdeen pensioners. we also met one of the pensioner activists from the Blether-In Hub in Brechin.

Aberdeenshire P4Indy Contact Details

This is a photo of our P4Indy members in Aberdeen out on the streets with their stall this week.

If you would like to join them or help behind the scenes with activities then there is a 24hr, automated contact message phone number where you can leave a message. Just ring 0707707 2014 and they’ll get back to you. Or just use our Contact Page and we’ll send them your details.

Aberdeenshire covers a big area. But we can put you in contact with folk nearby to yourself who are also interested in helping.