Postal Voting – Still time To Register

This is the time of Covid. It’s not the time to assume we’ll be able to vote at our local polling station 6th May. We know that any of us might have to self-isolate at short notice. So have a backup plan in place : register for a postal vote.

Is Postal Voting trustworthy?

Ah, but maybe you’ve got doubts about the safety of postal voting? Maybe you’ve heard scare stories about postal votes being interfered with? Or that get misplaced? Even that they get sent down south to be counted?

If you do have doubts and they are stopping you signing up for a postal vote, now is the time to find out if any of these and other concerns are valid. Perhaps they are valid but perhaps they are just myths perpetrated and circulating on social media.

Our discussion with Yes Stirling members, Greg and Gerry

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Dr Kirsty Hughes: Scotland & the Brexit Deal

Julia Laurie of Edinburgh & Lothians P4Indy writes:

Dr Kirsty Hughes is Director and founder of the Scottish Centre on European Relations. A researcher, writer and commentator on European politics and policy, she has worked at a number of leading European think tanks. She has published extensively, as well as contributing to a wide range of national and international media outlets. Her recent research focus includes: the UK, Scotland and Brexit. This is link to an article Kirsty published on Monday the 25th of January – England’s Scotland Panic – What is to be Done?

Kirsty talked to us on three different topics, firstly “the previous view of the EU towards the UK  and their views now”, secondly, “the EU view of Scotland”, and thirdly “border issues”. I was going to write a little of what she said, but decided it will be so much more interesting for you to listen to the recording.

Our members had some very interesting questions :

  • Can you explain what article 16 is?
  • Travel and trade issues between Scotland and England when we are Independent.
  • Can Scotland work directly with the EU at the moment?
  • Do you think joining EFTA is a good idea, and would the current members agree to us joining?
  • Will Ireland reunite before Scotland becomes Independent?
  • Also, many questions about the requirement for policy papers, and a firm vision of an Independent Scotland from our SNP government. 

There were many more questions, but I hope the above has given you a reasonable sample of how interesting the Q&A session was.

Our next Edinburgh & Lothians Group meeting:

At our next meeting on March the 9th, our speaker is George Gunn. George  has been a deep-sea fisherman, a driller for oil in the North Sea, a journalist, playwright and poet. 

I  have one of his books, The Great Edge, a story that brings together lives -ancient and modern – on the northern plateau where Scotland stops and starts, where history and myth fuel everyday reality, and where nothing is as it seems It sounds like a fascinating read,  and I  hope to read it before George’s talk.  I think it will be a very interesting and fascinating meeting.

Our AGM….. Held Online, 26Feb 2021

In previous years …

….we have invited speakers to our AGM, had raffles, brought cakes and coffee and enjoyed each others company. But in the current Covid circumstances, all that is impossible. So we decided to make our AGM a short business meeting online. Our Treasurer presented the Annual Accounts for 2019 and 2020. We had reports from some of our local groups and we re-elected our National Committee. The minutes will be issued in due course but here is some of what we have been doing over 2020:

  • Our Glasgow and Edinburgh groups have been holding successful online meetings with invited guests. Using online platforms mean that some people for whom it’s hard to get to an actual meeting, have had ready access from their sitting-rooms!
  • The talks and Q&As sessions from these meetings now make up a set of podcasts available to listen to from our website.
  • These podcasts have also been broadcast by IndyLive Radio and are available on their on-demand platform Scottish Independence Podcasts on Soundcloud. Over the past year our podcasts have had over 4000 listeners.
  • The Glasgow group help a very enjoyable Burns Supper – online, so it was a case of bring your own haggis, needs, potatoes and whisky!
  • Some of the Glasgow group members joined a study group with Andy Anderson looking at topics relevant to setting up and running our own currency and economy. You can order Andy’s books here. And listen to him speak to our Glasgow group here.

Alan Logue, Co-Convenor of our National Committee writes

The approaching Holyrood elections will have a dramatic effect on the future of Scotland. I believe we in Pensioners for Independence need to be more pro-active in what we are doing (always allowing for the current  situation of course). Here are some of the topics I think we should be dealing with :-

  • Reaching out to other groups / Facebook pages of Over 60 for Independence and Scottish Pensioners for Independence to increase our information dissemination
  • Publicity material content ensuring we are sending the correct messages to our peers
  • More information regarding the Holyrood voting system to allow our peers to make an informed choice in May
  • Postal voting, as some restrictions maybe still in place on polling day we should be encouraging those who feel uneasy about going to the polls to use postal voting, better that they use this system that not voting at all
  • Social media and how we make better use of it. Get involved with the young generation’s world and encourage them to convince their elders (if not already convinced)

It is our intention to have further virtual talks on these subjects.

If you have any ideas suggestions that help move these issues forward please email me, Alan Logue, at

It’s Quiz Time…… Scottish Place Names Quiz

Jane Pearn of our Selkirk group writes….

We in the Selkirk group are looking ahead to better times, when we can make the case for independence person-to-person. We want to make our stall attractive and engaging, so we are trying to raise some funds to stock it. We hope that our Scottish Place Names quiz will entertain you while we are still locked down. Best of luck to anyone who wants to have a go!

Have a go, support Selkirk Pensioners for Independence, and maybe win a prize!

Enter the quiz by downloading the quiz form here, fill it in, and send it off. Only £1 to enter. The details of where to send it are included on the form.