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Beware post-Brexit trade deals

Chicken washed in chlorine

Beef injected with hormones

Bourbon sold as “Scottish Whiskey”


Are those what you want to see in Scottish shops ?


After Brexit, the Westminster Government wish to set up trade deals with the USA, who will insist as part of the deal that we import products from them, such as the above items.


Is this what you want to see in your local shops and supermarkets ?


There’s only one way to avoid it – Scotland needs to become independent, so that we can stay in the European Single Market and Customs Union.


Then – and only then – will we be able to keep such products out of Scotland and also keep European rules that protect working conditions for Scottish employees, protect the quality and safety of our food and avoid restrictions on people from overseas being allowed to come here to work in our Health Service and to help with fruit and vegetable harvesting

Keep Scotland the Brand !


Protect distinctive Scottish produce !