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Routes to Independence

This year will be a General Election year. There’s been a lot of discussion about how independence supporting parties in Scotland might best approach their campaigns. Of course given that it’s a FPTP voting system for Westminster only the SNP have a realistic chance of gaining seats. Or losing them.

Recently the Scottish Independence Podcast team talked to some member of other parties about how they think the General Election can best be tackled for Scotland’s benefit. Here’s the video:


If you prefer to listen to audio podcasts, you’ll find all three of the Routes to Independence series in this Indy Strategies Playlist

Colette Walker – Independence for Scotland Party

Julia Laurie, convenor of Edinburgh & Lothians P4Indy group, writes:

In our recent online meeting, Colette Walker, co-founder and leader  of the ISP, joined us to talk about the new party. There are a number of new Independence parties, standing solely on the List, who aim to increase the number of Independence supporting MSPs in the Scottish Parliament. One new party, Scotia Future, believes in an independent Scotland remaining out of the EU, and it may stand candidates on the constituency and  list seats.

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