Snippets from FMQs this week

This week’s First Ministers Questions had a couple of highly enjoyable moments. Oh not that the rest was dull, you understand, it wasn’t. Just really enjoyed these…

All about pensions!

Murdo Fraser isn’t the brightest MSP but, hey, he’s ours and we’d miss him lobbing easy ones like this over to the FM

Why did he ask that? He must know the answer. And he also must know that FM is going to hit an outright winner right back past him. Do you think maybe he’s a secret indy supporting fifth columnist in the Scots Tories camp? Na, probably not.

Then one of her own team lobbed an easy one over the net:

Stuart McMillan asks: Can the FM update us on ScotGov’s plans for an independence referendum? Yes, Stuart, she can… She’ll also tell you what she thinks of the current shenanigans in Westminster.