Generations Leaflet : Our Present, Their Future

Back in 2014, three times as many over 65s voted to stay in the UK as voted for independence. One of the reasons P4Indy exists is to persuade our age group of the benefits of Scotland being independent.

To that end we have produced an A5 double-sided leaflet that acknowledges the concerns of older people and compares them to the concerns of the younger generation. It’s meant as a simple small handout to give to friends, neighbours, families. Something that might get them thinking – whichever generation they are in.

We want to encourage grannies and grandads to talk to their grandchildren and great nephews and nieces about independence. And vice versa. Because we reckon that if we did more of that, we would all understand each other better and understand that there is an overlap between the concerns of different generations. And some of us unpersuaded oldies would realise that everyone’s concerns can be addressed in an independent country operating so as to strengthen our society and our values, and to look after our people.

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Old Version of the Generations Leaflet:

This is an older leaflet on the same theme of the difference in the independence voting patterns of over 60s compared to younger voters. In this leaflet we ask the older generation to support the aspirations of the younger generations.

If you just want to use the images on a website, you’re welcome to use these images:

Or use this link to a PDF file (1MB) which is large enough for printing. Old Version of Our Present, Their Future