P4Indy Conference – Nov 2017, Edinburgh

We organised a conference back in November 2017 at Broughton High School in Edinburgh.We had a fantastic group speakers:

  • Craig Dalzell, Common Weal, on opportunities for a State Pension in Scotland
  • Maggie Chapman, Green Party, on Social Security and Social Care 
  • George Kerevan, SNP, on the Economy of an independent Scotland
  • Iain Black of Heriot Watt University on different voting groups, their current beliefs and opinions regarding independence and what will influence their vote next time.
  • Kate Campbell on the politics of homelessness in Edinburgh
  • Natalie Reid of the Scottish Socialist Party : “A Strategy for Independence”
  • Robin McAlpine, Common Weal, on how we can give No voters the confidence to vote yes next time.

The proceedings were videoed and you can watch it all here:

Part 1: with Craig Dalzell, Maggie Chapman, George Kerevan and Ian Black

Part 2: with Kate Campbell, Natalie Reid and Robin McAlpine