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George Kerevan Speaking to Edinburgh & Lothian P4Indy

In 2016 First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced a Growth Commission to look at the issues that face Scotland’s economy and the opportunities we can seize with independence. The Commission has now published its final report  – click on the image to go to the report website where you can download the report.

In November economist and former Edinburgh MP, George Kerevan spoke at a public meeting organised by the Edinburgh & Lothians Group of P4Indy who asked him to talk about  the Growth Commission Report. 

Keith McLeod, of the Edinburgh group, reports that there was an audience of around 35 folk to listen to the former MP and a lively Q&A session afterwards. His talk was recorded by Edinburgh RIC. Here it is… it’s easier to catch what he says if you use headphones!

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P4Indy Conference – Nov 2017, Edinburgh

We organised a conference back in November 2017 at Broughton High School in Edinburgh.We had a fantastic group speakers:

  • Craig Dalzell, Common Weal, on opportunities for a State Pension in Scotland
  • Maggie Chapman, Green Party, on Social Security and Social Care 
  • George Kerevan, SNP, on the Economy of an independent Scotland
  • Iain Black of Heriot Watt University on different voting groups, their current beliefs and opinions regarding independence and what will influence their vote next time.
  • Kate Campbell on the politics of homelessness in Edinburgh
  • Natalie Reid of the Scottish Socialist Party : “A Strategy for Independence”
  • Robin McAlpine, Common Weal, on how we can give No voters the confidence to vote yes next time.

The proceedings were videoed and you can watch it all here:

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