Generations Leaflet : Our Present, Their Future

Back in 2014, three times as many over 65s voted to stay in the UK as voted for independence. One of the reasons P4Indy exists is to persuade our age group of the benefits of Scotland being independent.

To that end we have produced an A5 double-sided leaflet that acknowledges the concerns of older people and compares them to the concerns of the younger generation. It’s meant as a simple small handout to give to friends, neighbours, families. Something that might get them thinking – whichever generation they are in.

We want to encourage grannies and grandads to talk to their grandchildren and great nephews and nieces about independence. And vice versa. Because we reckon that if we did more of that, we would all understand each other better and understand that there is an overlap between the concerns of different generations. And some of us unpersuaded oldies would realise that everyone’s concerns can be addressed in an independent country operating so as to strengthen our society and our values, and to look after our people.

If you want to use these images on a website, please do. If you want to print off some copies, this is a higher resolution PDF version.

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Our Pensions Leaflet

Here it is. It’s A4 size, in our print run we have it folded to A5.

One of our Glasgow group has spent a great deal of time coming up with the basic concept, researching the information, and beginning to put it together in a general layout. Then our graphic designer took our initial ideas and produce the finished leaflet.

The leaflet makes two main points:

  • The UK State Pension is the worst in the EU, despite UK having the second biggest economy in the EU.
  • Scotland is a land of massive natural resources. We have a diverse economy. We have a highly educated workforce. What we don’t have is the power to direct these assets in the way that aligns with Scottish social values.

All the images on the leaflet are backed up with data from ScotGov, UKGov, EU, OECD. If you want to look into those more closely follow then you can download this eight page document with all the background information and links to sources.

You are welcome to use these images on a website. Or to print the images. Click here for high resolution version of Front/Back (4MB) and Inside (3MB) of the leaflet.

Or, if you would like to order some of these leaflets, please contact us via the top menu “Contact Us” page. We can provide the leaflets at cost, plus any postage.

What’s Devolved to Scotland and What Isn’t

The principle of devolution states that all powers are devolved to the Scottish parliament in Holyrood unless they were specified in the list of reserved powers as set out in the 1999 Devolution Act.

This is a six page leaflet has a lot of information about the details of that principle including changes made after the 2014 referendum. It answers questions like “Why doesn’t the Scottish government do more about poverty, etc…” And it has information about the extent of Scotland’s natural resources. it doesn’t cover the recent Brexit raid on devolved powers.

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Pensions – Fact not Fiction

This is a four page leaflet with a lot of information about pensions as they are now in UK and as they could be in an independent Scotland. It was put together in 2016 and uses data from UKGov, from Media, and from Scotland’s Future White Paper.

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