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We are always researching which topics we particularly need leaflets for. We are aiming to have a core set of leaflets aimed at over 65s, to keep them in stock and available for our local groups. Contact us to order leaflets. 

You can see our current leaflets here and you are welcome to use them (though it would nice if you credited Pensioners4Indy or included a link to this website!) 

If you only need a few, or are in a rush, then you can download them from these pages and print some off yourself. The images you are seeing on the page here are not high resolution so might not print very well. But you can download the original file from the links below the images.

What’s Devolved to Scotland and What Isn’t

The principle of devolution states that all powers are devolved to the Scottish parliament in Holyrood unless they were specified in the list of reserved powers as set out in the 1999 Devolution Act.

This is a six page leaflet has a lot of information about the details of that principle including changes made after the 2014 referendum. It answers questions like “Why doesn’t the Scottish government do more about poverty, etc…” And it has information about the extent of Scotland’s natural resources. it doesn’t cover the recent Brexit raid on devolved powers.

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Pensions – Fact not Fiction

This is a four page leaflet with a lot of information about pensions as they are now in UK and as they could be in an independent Scotland. It was put together in 2016 and uses data from UKGov, from Media, and from Scotland’s Future White Paper.

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Our Present, Their Future

This is a leaflet we produced last year. There’s a big difference in the independence voting patterns of over 60s compared to younger voters. The leaflet asks the older generation to support the aspirations of the younger generations.

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Big Indy Kit Leaflet

This is the leaflet focussing on pensions that went into the Big Indy Kits. It highlights the difference between UK State Pension at approx 29% of average wage compared to higher level of State Pensions in many other European countries. It also emphasises that State Pensions are safe and will continue to be paid in an independent Scotland.

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Register to Vote

As ever it’s important that every who has a vote makes sure that they are registered to vote. It’s easy to register. Follow this link to register online or print off the form for a friend. Or register by post by contacting your local Electoral Registration Office. People might need to have their National Insurance number to hand. They can also register anonymously if worried for their safety. EU Citizens in Scotland has produced this voting information postcard.

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