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We are currently researching which topics we particularly need leaflets for. When we have a core set of leaflets aimed at over 65s, we aim to keep them in stock and available for our local groups. We will add more as they become available. But if you only need a few, or are in a rush, then you can download them and print some off yourself. The images you are seeing on the page here are not high resolution so might not print very well. But you can download the original file from the links below the images.

This is the leaflet focussing on pensions that went into the Big Indy Kits.

Pensioners for Indy Kit leaflet



The Big Indy Kits

You might have heard of an Ayemail project called “The Big Indy Kit” which has involved the design and production of kits of publicity materials for Yes campaigning groups. All ready for IndyRef2. Ayemail asked if we wanted to fund a P4Indy leaflet to be included in the kits.

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