Two Closes, a Referendum & Much More

Continuing our Podcast Series, this is part 2 of the interview with Mary McCabe on IndyLive Radio. It was recorded on 18 Dec 2019 with Val Gauld and Marlene Halliday.

In this one we cover :

  • how Mary came to write her novel “Two Closes & a Referendum”
  • was the referendum really as divisive as it is sometimes described?
  • what was meant by “once in a generation”?
  • Sir John Curtice’ recent views on Scotland going forward
  • writing letters to newspapers
  • when is a mandate not a mandate?
  • post-general election how are we feeling?

Here it is. It may take a few seconds to get loaded up. Patience is a virtue 😀

Mary McCabe, Veteran Indy Campaigner

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This is our second podcast recorded on 18th December in the IndyLive Radio studio in Glasgow as part of the IndyLive Daily Show. It was an all women team that morning with Val on the mixing desk and me doing most of the chat with Mary McCabe. In fact it was not only a women’s takeover it was a P4Indy takeover, since we are all three of us involved with P4Indy. LtoR: Mary, Marlene, Val:

Val introduces Mary. We talk about how P4Indy came to be set up in the aftermath of the 2014 referendum and why Mary and I decided to get involved with the group. We talk about what approach Mary thinks works best to persuade more over65s to support independence. We find out about The Warblers entertainment group. All this in just 20 minutes. But Mary stayed on for the rest of the programme and there’s another podcast to come from our chat later on in the programme.

The podcast may take some seconds to load…. patience is a virtue.

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