Prof Alf Baird will be talking to Glasgow Pensioners4Indy on Friday 2at 4pm5th Feb


Friday 25th Feb at 4pm

A Maritime Vision for Scotland

Speaker: Prof Alf Baird


Pensioners for Independence Online Meeting

 Alf Baird was, prior to his retirement in 2016, Professor of Maritime Business and Director of the Maritime Research Group at Edinburgh Napier University. 

He's written that

"Scotland's maritime transport infrastructure currently sits moribund, mostly useless, certainly visionless, squeezed between our own crumbling colonial-like legacies and Tory sponsored regulatory capture. Look at what remains of our long-since derelict and obsolete major city-ports on the Firths of Forth, Clyde and Tay, where most of the port infrastructure was built when Queen Victoria reigned."

And if you think that's outspoken wait till he gets going!

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