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Manifesto Madness

Election Countdown: Manifesto Madness

As the party manifestos started to appear, Indypodcasters – and members of Pensioners4Indy -Fiona and Marlene were joined by guest Marion Robertson in Manifesto Pic ’n’ Mix where they highlight some of the manifesto policies being promoted by Alba, ISP, Greens and SSP. Then in the second half – Manifesto Madness – Marlene and Fiona look at the SNP manifesto and at Labour’s Six First Steps for Scotland. Which, by the way, are different from his six first steps for England and Wales!

(The first half of this Election Countdown episode was recorded before the official launches of the Scottish Greens and Alba manifestos, links to both are included below.)

Main themes are:

  • 00:30   ISP (Independence for Scotland Party)
  • 01:37   Scottish Greens
  • 07:53    Alba party
  • 15:37    SSP (Scottish Socialist Party)
  • 20:29    Tory & Reform
  • 23:26    Campaign Checkpoint
  • 27:38    SNP
  • 35:03    Labour’s response
  • 48:00    Starmer – first steps and two faces
  • 51:49    GB Energy
  • 62:24    The Union’s Last Gasp
Manifesto Madness. Election Countdown.

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