COP26 March: A Day for the History Books

Despite the rain the Greater Glasgow Group of Pensioners for Indy managed to make our presence felt at yesterday’s gi-normous COP 26 demonstration. 

Mary McCabe writes: All the pro-indy groups, led by All Under One Banner, were allocated a gathering point up the hill in Kelvingrove Park out of sight of the main march in Kelvin Way and we didn’t get the go-ahead to set off until the other sections were well on their way.  However, that just made us more noticeable: we were bringing up the rear as a huge river of blue saltires reaching back to the horizon – looked like around 1000 to me  – rather than diluted in the general crowd. 

As the march spread out the YES groups were led by the giant unicorn. The Pensioners for Indy Greater Glasgow banner carried by 4 of us slipped in directly behind the unicorn. Other members of Pensioners for Indy were also mingled in the march. Everybody was in good spirits as long as we were on the move. There were a few lengthy unexplained stops; we only learned later that that was when the police were unsticking and arresting “scientists” who had glued themselves together.

Meanwhile at Glasgow Green….

Sheena and other members of Pensioners for Indy were setting up the Pensioners for Indy stall on Glasgow Green. Morag Simpson had baked chocolate cake and Sheena had baked shortbread and brought along bottles of Irn Bru. All the eats and drinks were scoffed by our visitors to the stall!

Some os us were amazed our gazebo didn’t take flight as the wind was gusting ferociously but Sheena is a past master at tethering it down. One corner was tied to a tree! 

Sheena reckons the head of the demo arrived about 3pm. Heather and I with the Pensioners for Indy banner arrived at 4.30. The great bulk of the pro-Indy cohort was still well behind us by that time. I would say there were between 500 and 1000 there – great wave of blue behind us as far as the eye could see.

Yes, it’s been quite a couple of weeks…

Here is a photo Big Blue the Saltire in George Square with our friends in Yes Glasgow NW.

Yes Glasgow NW have been looking after Big Blue for a couple of weeks. It’s been under the flight path into Glasgow, it’s been down on the Clyde welcoming the Rainbow Warrior, it’s been in George Square and it was there on the march