A Stormy Glasgow Day

It was stormy in Argyle Street this week, but was that going to stop Glasgow Pensioners? Nah! Need an anchor? Use a street bench! And hang on to the gazebo poles..

Here’s a report from the campaigning frontline by Mary McCabe:

Six of us turned up for today’s Tuesday stall  in drizzly rain and a force 10 gale. 

We couldn’t use the banners or the flag or the sign as these act like the sail on a galleon and would have carried us out to sea.

We didn’t put much on the table as everything kept blowing away. (nothing actually escaped – we chased and caught everything). We did use the gazebo to try to keep the leaflets dry.

We went for a renewables theme and got lots of interesting conversations.

Obviously it’s better for a stall if there’s no wind or rain. But if we have to have them I prefer wind. Wind adds drama and makes us look gallant. Rain mulches the leaflets and makes us look like drookit rats. 

We agree, Mary, you definitely all look very gallant! and drookit.

(Editor: probably not a Force10 gale, but we’re letting it stand under poetic license for artistic and campaigning purposes 😄💨)