Be A Voice for Scotland

Voices for Scotland …

….is the external arm of the Scottish Independence Convention (SIC). Pensioners for Independence is one of the stakeholder groups of SIC and we send representatives to the SIC Board Meetings.

As things ramp up for the Holyrood Elections – and hopefully an early independence referendum after that – Voices for Scotland has been ramping up their social media presence with a series of online events. You can catch up with those from their event archive.

Be A Voice for Scotland

They also have an active campaign asking folk to make a short video and upload it to the Voices website. You can go to the website for encouragement and help in doing this

What are your hopes for an independent Scotland? Upload a short video or a photo and a couple of sentences on why you want Scotland to be independent. The more we share our positive visions for a future Scotland, the more connected we become around a community of ideas for the country we want to be.

Be A Voice for Scotland

Here’s what they are asking us to do ….. and why

The more people get involved, the more stories we have and voices advocating an independent Scotland. This shows a growing collective will for a better, independent country. All you have to do is record a short video describing your hopes for an independent Scotland and upload it to the Voices for Scotland website.

Independence is about more than any individual, political party or idea. Independence is about a better future & a better country that works for everyone.That’s why we’re doing things a bit differently. No party politics, no Yes/No labels, no big egos. Just voices for Scotland.’