Postal Voting – Still time To Register

This is the time of Covid. It’s not the time to assume we’ll be able to vote at our local polling station 6th May. We know that any of us might have to self-isolate at short notice. So have a backup plan in place : register for a postal vote.

Is Postal Voting trustworthy?

Ah, but maybe you’ve got doubts about the safety of postal voting? Maybe you’ve heard scare stories about postal votes being interfered with? Or that get misplaced? Even that they get sent down south to be counted?

If you do have doubts and they are stopping you signing up for a postal vote, now is the time to find out if any of these and other concerns are valid. Perhaps they are valid but perhaps they are just myths perpetrated and circulating on social media.

Our discussion with Yes Stirling members, Greg and Gerry

Greg Drysdale and Gerry McLaughlan of Yes Stirling have created short videos all about the concerns people have about postal voting. Some of us from various P4Indy groups got together with Greg and Gerry on zoom to find out more. It was great fun with stories, jokes and lots of good information. You can watch the video here:

Apply for a Postal Vote

New postal vote applications are open up to 6th April for the Holyrood election on 6th May. So contact your local council to get an application form. Or use this one from the Electoral Commission. Please sign up. It’s the sensible thing to do in our current circumstances. All political parties in Scotland are encouraging people to sign up. And they wouldn’t be doing that if they had doubts about the security of the system.

And you can have a look at Gerry and Greg’s videos here: