Brechin Yes Hub : Blether In

Recently we’e been in contact with some of the folk who run the Brechin Yes Hub.

Here’s what they said:

The Brechin Hub, the aptly named Blether-In, was opened roughly two years ago in premises we rent in the centre of the town. The membership fund its operation by  some monthly direct debit payments and some annual donations.  Our finances are healthy.

It is staffed every Thursday, Friday and Saturday where  we get a steady drop in off the street from people who want to know more about the Indy movement. We get the odd Unionist too from time to time and enjoy trying to persuade each other!  

We sell a wide range of Indy and Scottish literature and goods and we are regularly involved in Flag days on the A90  and leafleting and canvassing in the Brechin area. There’s tele in the window, switched on every day from 9am until 8pm showing everything we think is topical  and humourous.  A lot of passer-byes stop to watch and some come in.

Roughly speaking our Hub team are 75% SNP members and 25% Independendistas and we work well together. Though maybe of real interest to the Indy Pensioners Movement is that all the staffing is done by pensioners.  Our  Tele and Internet guru is a pensioner and when the phony war ends the real hard-nosed, knowledgeable and committed door knocking brigade are all of our vintage too.

Of late we feel Indy movement has spent a lot of time talking to itself.  We have decided that to win next year we must get the pensioner percentages up to at least the low 30%. Do that throughout Scotland and we are there.

Here at Pensioners for Indy, we completely agree : swing the pensioner vote a bit further over to Yes – 40% ? – and we’re there. We hope our new leaflets will be appearing up in Brechin soon. And here is the Brechin Yes Team’s own leaflet If you live up that way, it might already have dropped your letterbox.