Our New Leaflets Are Out!

Last week saw us take delivery of two new leaflets.

The Generations leaflet is a way of asking older Scots who are not yet convinced about backing independence to compare their concerns for the future with the concerns that their grandchildren, grandnieces & nephews have for the future. We hope it makes an important point. Sometimes the older generation, who mostly voted No in 2014 and who are still mostly No inclined, are portrayed as being in opposition to younger Scots. The leaflet makes the point that when you look at the different concerns of different generations, those concerns are actually inter-related. And independence can solve them for all of us. More info here and a higher resolution file you can download and print out yourself. It’s A5 size.

The Pensions leaflet highlights just how low the UK State Pension is compared to EU countries. Yet Scotland has a thriving and diverse economy and massive natural resources. How much better if we had the power to use those resources and our economy to do things like raise the State Pension to even the average level in developed countries. A great deal of effort went into gathering all the data to back up the statements on the leaflet. You can find a link to that data here, along with a higher resolution file which you can download and print out for yourself. The leaflet size is A4. Our print run has it folded to A5 size.

Or, If you would like to order these leaflets to give to your friends, your group or to drop through the letter-boxes in your neighbourhood, send us a query via our Contact page. We’re offering them at cost price, plus any postage.