Glasgow Group Stall at Hope Over Fear Rally

Sheena Stephen one of the people who runs our P4Indy stall in Glasgow went to the rally held on 24 March in George Square.. Here’s what she said about it:

Despite the miserable rainy morning we decided to go for it and get the Glasgow Group stall along to the Hope Over Fear Rally. It was a good call. The sun came out. And Mary, Neil & dug. Heather, Valerie & myself all enjoyed the experience. Even with rather gusty winds which put our stock of leaflets in danger of being blown away!

The atmosphere was happy and positive – which cheered me. There was a good range of age groups and many 50+ men & women came from all over central Scotland. Some America visitors joined us too. One chap asked if we were celebrating our independence day!

People were very generous with donations and all our saltire earrings, flags, and painted stones were disappearing quickly. Heather’s pained stones were popular with children though she made them to hold down our leaflets in the wind!

We did find time to take some photos.

This was also the occasion of the first tweet in our @P4IndyGlasgow twitter feed and as you can see from the stats it was a well-received tweet. Two days after that we had 1700 Twitter followers. Well done Val for setting it up and being our tweeter person!