Glasgow Group Kicks Off 2019 with Reframing Works…

Ever had a simple argument put to you even though there is no evidence to support it? Ever wondered why you had clear facts rejected? Facts alone do not change people’s opinions. What is going on here? How you we deal with these situations?

Reframing is a technique which shows us how to to put our point across without reinforcing other people’s existing preconceptions. In many cases presenting clear facts actually reinforces people’s existing misconceptions. How we reframe establishment propaganda is perhaps the biggest single challenge facing us in working for self-determination for Scotland.

So this month, our Greater Glasgow Group has invited Bill Mills to come and talk to us. The session will introduce the concepts of Framing and Reframing, and relate them to the current situation in Scotland. Followed by Q&A.

Bill Mills and Bill Dale have been working together to put reframing into the service of the Yes Movement. This is one of the basic principles:

Frames trump Facts. You cannot win by presenting the truth if you continue to use a conservative (establishment) frame. Reframe and fit the facts into your frame. At all costs, avoid using the establishment frame, remember, every time that you use their frame, you are reinforcing it and doing the establishment’s work for them! Remember that negating a frame strengthens it.

Here are some examples:

  • Frame: Pension is a Benefit and so is given (dispensed?) by a magnanimous state or employer.
  • Reframe: Pension is delayed payment for work done in prior years. You are owed your pension, it is not a discretionary benefit.

  • Frame: the Westminster Parliament is sovereign so all power flows from Westminster. This frame is possibly the most pernicious, since it is used to justify control over Scotland.
  • Reframe: In Scots law the Scottish people are sovereign and sovereignty cannot be given away. Any attempt to usurp the sovereignty of the Scottish people is illegal. Westminster is actively undermining Scottish identity with its “British” branding, destroying valuable Scottish brands in the process. This is an attempt to undermine not just the brand, but the sovereignty of Scotland.

You can find more info here

And take note! The meeting is at Renfield St Stephen Centre, Friday 1 Feb, 2-4pm

We have outgrown the room which the Yes! Bar let us use. This is a good development. Though we’re sad to say goodbye to the staff in Drury St. Also the chats we had upstairs in the bar after the meetings. Thank you!