P4Indy Choir – Come and join us!

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening
in the lane snow is glistening
A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight
walking in a winter wonderland

Yesterday was the first meeting of the Greater Glasgow P4Indy Choir!

Alan Logue, convenor of the Greater Glasgow group, suggested at a recent meeting that if we had an entertainment group then we could offer to go to pensioners’ lunch clubs,  and day centres. Alan’s idea has been enthusiastically taken up by Mary McCabe, another Glasgow group member, who suggested that we could form a choir!

This is not us. Though it is quite like my primary school class in Cupar, Fife, in the 1950s,

This is us:

Our first rehearsal went very well. Well you know a bit rough in places but pretty good on the whole. So far we’ve got eight singers including a ukulele player and a Scottish Smallpipes piper. I’m a possible fiddler but as I said to Mary ” Just because I could play the fiddle twenty years ago doesn’t mean that I’ll be able to produce an acceptable sound now”. Mary has a fiddle but it’s in need of repair so I’m heading up into our attic today to search for my mum’s old fiddle. My own one   is currently languishing in a cupboard in my daughter’s house.

Our provisional name is “Pensioners for Independence Warblers”. If you have any other suggestions let us know. And if you live in the Glasgow area and want to join us,  email me here: treasurer@pensionersforindependence.scot

“Good King Wenceslas look’d out……” 🎼 🎻 🎼