Scotland’s finances are STRONG !

The figures below show HMRC (UK Government) figures for the balance of trade for each of the four constituent nations of the UK for 2017. They are displayed without comment, since they speak for themselves ! ENGLAND Exports £232.4 bn Imports £354.3 bn Balance = Deficit £121.9 bn WALES Exports £13.0 bn Imports £13.4 bn Balance = Deficit £0.4 bn SCOTLAND Exports £26.4 bn Imports £24.9 bn Balance= Surplus £1.5 bn SURPLUS !!!! N. IRELAND […]
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#KeepScotlandtheBrand campaign

Recently there has been renewed publicity for the “Keep Scotland the Brand” campaign, and a number of members of Pensioners for Independence have started to take part. Several of us have recently contacted some large retailers like Sainsbury’s, Marks and Spencer and the Co-op to urge them to label Scottish produce more clearly as such, rather than as “British”. Most of the responses we have been receiving have been quite positive, and we look forward […]
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UK pensions among the worst in the developed world, study finds

British workers can expect among the worst pensions in the developed world, according to a report from investment bank UBS, which compared the retirement outlook for a 50-year-old woman in major cities across the globe. Pensions compared How much a state plus “mandatory” pension will be worth at retirement as a proportion of current income, based on a 50-year-old female in each city Singapore 73% Sydney 72% Paris 69% Milan 67% New York 55% Tokyo […]