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Protect the value of your state pension !

UK Chancellor, Philip Hammond, MP has recently predicted that the Westminster Government will not be able to protect annual state pension increases after 2020. In contrast, the SNP Scottish Government have pledged that after Independence, they will protect annual state pension increases indefinitely. The ONLY way to protect the future value of your state pension is to ensure that Scotland becomes an independent country again. To be kept informed about pension issues and the case […]
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Reaching out to older voters

Engaging to inform older voters has a number of constraints that are not true of other age groups. Traditionally all voters have been informed by the range of daily and weekly newspapers, and the broadcasters. But with these conduits to the public often being governed by editorial and often political imperatives, the range, scope and even accuracy of the information is today, in these outlets, is being regularly brought into question. It is well accepted, […]