Let’s get out of this mess !

Do you wish Scotland to be saddled with debt like this until at least 2064 ?  Thought not !  Then Scotland desperately needs to become independent before being dragged out of the EU against the wishes of a majority of Scots.  We need to keep working for a big YES vote next
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Beware post-Brexit trade deals

Chicken washed in chlorine Beef injected with hormones Bourbon sold as “Scottish Whiskey”   Are those what you want to see in Scottish shops ?    After Brexit, the Westminster Government wish to set up trade deals with the USA, who will insist as part of the deal that we import products

It’s a no-brainer!

Consider these two pieces of information:- 1 – A leaked UK Government report shows that a worst-case hard Brexit (apparently the UK Government’s preferred option) is likely to cost the economy of the UK £2bn a week. 2 – A majority of Scots voted to remain in the EU and keep our

Scotland’s finances are STRONG !

The figures below show HMRC (UK Government) figures for the balance of trade for each of the four constituent nations of the UK for 2017. They are displayed without comment, since they speak for themselves ! ENGLAND Exports £232.4 bn Imports £354.3 bn Balance = Deficit £121.9 bn WALES Exports £13.0 bn
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#KeepScotlandtheBrand campaign

Recently there has been renewed publicity for the “Keep Scotland the Brand” campaign, and a number of members of Pensioners for Independence have started to take part. Several of us have recently contacted some large retailers like Sainsbury’s, Marks and Spencer and the Co-op to urge them to label Scottish produce more
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Couldn’t make it up ?

Recently Jeremy Corbyn, on one of his occasional visits to “North Britain” – a.k.a. Scotland – is reported to have said that it would be difficult for Scotland to have its own distinctive legal system, separate from that in England.  Would someone please take him on one side and gently whisper in
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We really WAS robbed – now it’s official !

Large quantities of North Sea oil are processed on the rigs and exported directly to other countries without coming ashore.  Prior to December 2016 oil that was shipped directly from the rigs was counted towards the Oil Companies’ Head Offices, rather than being counted as produced in Scotland.  Oil imported or exported

Recommended viewing

There is a very interesting video on YouTube about the currency of an independent Scotland and the economics of Scottish independence generally.  It is no. 17 in a series by Phantom Power Films Limited, and shows Richard Murphy, Professor of political economy at the City University, London, pointing out that, in his