Of Interest to All Pensions

Pensioners for Independence first annual conference

Pensioners for Independence will be holding their first annual conference on Saturday, 25th November 2017 at Broughton High School, North Edinburgh.  Speakers include Craig Dalzeil – Common Weal, Maggie Chapman – Green Party, George Kerevan – SNP, Christine Grahame MSP -SNP and Robin McAlpine – Common Weal.  Doors open 9.30 for 10
Of Interest to All Pensions

Tory pensions bombshell

Angus Robertson asked PM May a simple question to guarantee the pensions triple lock. She failed to. Pensioners should fear Tory pensions bombshell. Calling the election has delayed the Government’s plans to push back the state pension age and abandon the triple lock, due to be announced on 5 May. As things